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Re: [APD] cheap pressurized CO2

Eli Moss wrote:

>What are some ideas for a very, very cheap pressurized CO2 setup? Right now
>I'm using a scaled-up yeast generator for my forty gallon planted tank, and
>the constantly fluctuating co2 production rates are getting on my nerves. Is
>there a way to have pressurized CO2 injection on a paperboy's budget? I'm
>working on getting a more gainful job, but I have five colleges' worth of
>students to compete with. One of the downsides to living in Amherst, MA.
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As long as you want a manual pressurized system it's not all that expensive.

First thing is find a cylinder.  I suggest calling home brew beer stores 
and places that sell and service fire extinguishers.  I know here in 
Portland I can get a filled 5 lb cylinder for $55.  A 10 lb is $65 but 
costs only $2 more to fill.

Once you have located a cylinder find a place to get it filled while you 
wait.  Most fire extinguisher shops can do this.

Then you need a regulator.  You can get a basic beer regulator on-line 
for about $40.  I can pick up one at the local home brew beer store for $50.

Now you need a needle valve.  I happen to have some Clippard MNV-4K 
needle valves sitting here.  I also have the nice Clippard brass check 
valves.  Once you get the regulator remove the large size hose fitting 
and find out what size orifice you are left with.  Then we can get you 
the right adapter for the needle valve.  Adapter and needle valve will 
run you about $15 shipped.  If you want the check valve add another $5.

Now build a reactor.  If you don't know how then check out 
http://rexgrigg.com/diy-reactor.htm for how I build my reactors.  If you 
need some odd sized hose barbs, think 5/8" then let me know as I have 
those also.  Add some CO2 resistant tubing and you are done.

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