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[APD] Soilmaster Pro Select - Charcoal

My Soilmaster Charcoal arrived at the dealer today and I picked it up a 
couple of hours ago.  To show off a bit, I took some pictures of a 
sample of the stuff.  They are at: 

The first photo, obviously, is the bag.
The second is a big handfull of the stuff as it comes out of the bag, 
The third is with a couple of cups of water added and sloshed around to 
clean it.  Notice it is dirty, without question.
The fourth is after three washings, and with more water added to show 
the color.  Three washings was enough to get it clean, about what I am 
used to with blasting grit.
The last shows the particle size and uniformity.  Notice that there is 
some red colored material mixed in, less than 1% I would guess.

The actual color, wet, is pretty black, with sparkles of red.  I think 
I am in love!! 
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