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[APD] Other diffusion disc type options for the mist

Since many are looking for other ways to add CO2 mist: 
  These are pretty good for the back pressure required.
  About what most disc produce in terms of bubble sizing. 
  But they make them much larger, a 12"x 1.5" diuffuser can be placed  long the bottom like a bubble wall and have a cansiter outflow blow it  all over even large tanks. 
  The plates are serious business, much finer mist than these stones:
  25psi is a lot of pressure but........generates ultra fine mist.  but.......we have 800lbs of pressure wiht the gas tanks, I suggest the  Tygon tubing is useful here over thin wall silicone. At 25 psi, the  leakage potential and need for good tubing is clear. 
  6"x1.5" area is huge, they can stand freezing temps, they are built to last. 
  Tom Barr

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