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Re: [APD] trying the mist

I had occassion to measure the measuring spoons Greg sold
with help from Greg, who provided and easily measurable
medium and my wife, who has some skill at weighing and
measuring small volumes of poweder. The measuring spoon are
not exact (for lab work) but they work out to:

Dash      1/8 tsp.
Pinch     1/16 tsp.
Smidgeon  1/32 tsp.

Have fun, have plants,
Scott H.

--- jvision at telus_net wrote:

> . . . I just started to add double the K2PO4 the other
> day.  I
> use Greg Watsons
> measuring spoons (Greg, what's the actual measurement for
> the 'dash', etc.) . . . 

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