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Re: [APD] trying the mist

Ok, so I've added a couple of venturis to my 54 gal (2.2 wpg T6s, EI) - one from
a presurized sys @ .5/sec, and the other from a DIY.  Some plants are doing
better (Vals, E. tennelus, Amazon Sword, Java fern), but most haven't changed
much - I was hoping that my 'forest' of Ozelot plantlets would take off.  
Another thing that seems to love the new CO2 increase is GSA!!  

I just started to add double the K2PO4 the other day.  I use Greg Watsons
measuring spoons (Greg, what's the actual measurement for the 'dash', etc.) to
measure out.
Every other day, I add 2x large of KNO3, and was adding 2x medium K2PO4.  For
the last dose, I added the same ammounts of KNO3 and K2PO4.
Should this kick the GSA?



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