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Re: [APD] have you actually tried the mist?

> 1. How many gallons can one venturi provide CO2 for?  I have a
> 92 gallon, is
> one enough? 

Should take one.
But I think you need about 400gph.
> 2.  What maintenance, if any, is required for a venturi?  

None really.

> 3. Is it true that even in the shade,  diffusers have to be
> bleached once a
> month? 


 That seems like it would destroy non-glass diffusers
> fairly quickly?

SS is pretty tough, it's used for Ozone and other strong
I'd use the cheap disc, 2 of them and a V shaped flow pattern
that fits the 92 gal corner tank surface area.
That would spray the mist under the plants and to the front of
the tank.

If you used black CO2 tubing etc and have a back background,
then you can hide the lines in the rear corner where the glass

If you use 2 disc, use two needle valves. One for each disc.
> 4. It is my understanding you are recommending either the
> venturi or
> diffusers, not both?

Well, I suppose you can do both.
A little redundant but if you are mist happy, go for it.
> 5.  How about a specific pump or power head recommendation for
> driving the
> venturi?  Scott H. had suggested Eheim's might not cut it and
> other pumps
> had laughed at his Kent venturi.  It would have to be quiet. 
> Thanks.
> Daphne

Well, I think you'll need a good size pump flow rate,
300-400gph, the Magnum 350 might do.

Tom Barr 

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