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[APD] Crypt melt

The foreground in my 55 is (perhaps I should say was) a lush, low growing
crypt of some description that I was given by someone who didn't know what
it was. The leaves would open out flat during the day. It has spread like
wildfire in the tank and is almost invasive. I have (perhaps, had) an
enormous red wendti in one corner.
 So, a couple days ago, I was dosing the tank and made a discovery.
Potassium phosphate looks exactly like potassium nitrate. Actually, I made
that discovery this morning when I awoke to find a tank full of melted
crypts. I did some tests and found 0 nitrates and off the scale phosphates.
Apparently I put in a smidgen of KNO3 and a half teaspoon of KHP. :O
 It's now a couple of big water changes later. Fish, btw, are fine. So is
there any correlation that anyone has noticed between very high PO4 levels
or very low NO3 levels and crypt melt? Or is it just unucky coincidence.
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