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Re: [APD] AH Supply Enclosures (S K)

Hi Sylvia,

Sorry about the delay - I am way behing on reading my APD.  My strips 
of wood are probably 1/2" x 3/4" x 18".  I have them loose but they 
could easily be siliconed to the top edge of the tank.  They run 
front to back on the ends of the tank.  I just slide the light back 
when I need more access to the front of the tank.  The center brace 
of the tank would probably prevent the light from falling in.  No 
close calls in the last 3 or so years but I have glass covers as well 
and the circuit is GFCI protected as a last stab at safety.


>Thanks for checking that out. Can you tell me how you have yours positioned?
>Where do you have the wood strips to raise the enclosure???  I'm trying to
>do something with it, so that I do not need a glass cover, be able to have
>access easily (slide back or open in some fashion) without danger of it
falling in, and have a functional light and canopy in one.
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