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[APD] Barclaya longifolia var "Red" bloom failure

i have two barclaya longifolia var. "Red" that have put out bloom  stalks 
reaching within an inch of the surgace of a 75 gal . tank  The buds  ( 2 on onw 
plant and 1 on the other) did not open and are starting to  deterioorate.  The 
tank houses a reasonable fish load including 4 young  adult discus. 
 Lighting is about 2 WPG,  Ph 6.6 to 7.2, 50% WC every 5 to  7 days,  Kh 3 
with crushed coral added to filter canister )  Fert is  YamatoGreen dosed after 
WC's, Temp <82 F.
What did the plant need for the flowers to open that is   missing?
rich green
milton ma
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