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Re: [APD] Assumptions, Gas Diffusion, Experiments

These are obviously very interesting subjects for some.  They are also quite
complex and specialized, and I think that they are perhaps too complex and
specialized for this kind of forum.

So here's an idea:  Jerry, why don't you prepare a paper that reflects your
views on the subject, and post it at your web site.
Those who are interested could read it there and post or email you privately
with their comments, and you could reply to them in the same way.  I believe
that kind of communication would be more efficient and, perhaps, more
focused on the intellectual concepts that are involved.   When you get to a
point where the paper addresses the various scientific points that have been
raised, then you can let the rest of us know and we can then read it.

>From what I've read, I think most people here lack the interest in these
topics that you and a few others have, and a few (or more) no longer post
here or have unsubscribed because of that.

So, Jerry, what do you think?


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