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Re: [APD] Assumptions

urville wrote:
> in this instance with the lines drawen as they are, and  whats at stake 
> and the amount of posts that have occured over this subject i'd be 
> remissed if i didnt say that is exactly what you should do

If someone wants to challenge the notion that diffusion really happens, 
I welcome their attempts to do so and I would be interested to read the 
results of their endeavor. I feel compelled to point out that when 
someone challenges an established principle, the burden of proof is on 
them. My argument does not involve challenging the principles of 
diffusion, so I am not going to test the validity of it. It is 
intellectually dishonest to attempt to discredit the results of a 
scientific investigation by representing established scientific 
principles as open to controversy when they aren't. This is the *exact* 
kind of junk that is going on in Kansas right now. The only difference 
is that here the consequences are relatively trivial.

Jerry Baker
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