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Re: [APD] CO2 Experiment #2

jerry.... um... your the one acting the part so wear the shoe. Do the 
experiment and do it right, be positive get real data to back it up. You 
talked the talk now walk the walk or you know just drop it one or the 
other. Established principles, i think its well established that at 
least half the peopel here if not more are tired of this conversation 
period. All you seem to be succeeding in doing is alienating yourself to 
a point where people stop listening. you set this table now eat at it, 
and if you dont agree with what people are asking of you, established 
principles or not, then i wouldnt expect anyone to care or listen by the 
time this thing is said and done.
i dont get you
it works. can we have the forum back if none or a vast majority of us 
dont care why it works?
perhaps the why is better suited to a different forum

cause honestly it has gathered such momentum that even deleting the posts when i get home is a chore

>You are behaving irrationally. You demand evidence for things which have 
>already been established. If you are uncomfortable with the principles 
>of diffusion, I am not the person to take it up with. I would suggest 
>you start with Adolf Fick.
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