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Re: [APD] Assumptions

Jim Swinford wrote:
> Excuse me but and I not correct in assuming that to assume means making an A$$ out of U and ME.  If you're going to do an experiment to prove someone is or is not wrong, don't as-u-me anything...Jim

Yes, you would be incorrect if you believe you cannot assume anything. 
If it were not reasonable to assume anything, I would have to test every 
single possible variable. I would have to test whether it really was 
Archemides' principle of buoyancy causing the bubbles to rise in my 
water. I mean, we have scientific evidence that this is the cause, but 
how can we be sure without testing that? I should also test whether it 
is, in fact, electrical induction that is causing the impeller in the 
power head to rotate. Sure, Tesla invented the 2-phase induction motor 
and explained how it works, but how do we really know that's what is 
happening in this experiment? What if it's some mysterious new force 
that is also affecting the test results? Better send it to a lab. Of 
course, then someone will challenge whether the atmosphere at my home 
really is about 21% O2. Sure, some scientists have measured the 
atmospheric composition before, but did they do it exactly where I am? I 
suppose I should send a sample along with the powerhead to the lab. The 
list could go on forever.

Of course I am being facetious. The point is that the reason science is 
so great for discovering answers to natural phenomena is that we don't 
have to test everything every time. There is no need to reinvent the 
wheel, so to speak, with each experiment. We can build upon the 
foundations laid by others. Once a principle has been established and 
well proven, there is no need to test it without real evidence that 
there may be an exception in our circumstances.

Diffusion is one of those things that just happens. It always happens. 
There is no valid counter-argument. It's the reason that smoke rings do 
not stay rings forever, the reason that a room eventually clears of odor 
after passing gas, it's even the reason that gills work. We do not need 
to test whether diffusion happens because it is a given. What we do need 
to test here is the *amount* of diffusion taking place.

Jerry Baker
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