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Re: [APD] Loaches and snails

James H wrote:

> i have a clown loach, still small only maybe 1.5" and he has been in there
> since before the snails and i have yet to see him eat one. i did find one
> empty shell once but he hasnt eaten any of the snails, the angel fish eats
> more of them than he does. i dont feed him at all, i only feed the angels
> and guppies and only a little bit and right not its medicated feed as one
> angel has a very bad case of heximita.

> anyone know why my clown loach doesnt eat them?

Give him some broken snails directly to him. He'll get the smell and taste 
of them.

Don't you need more than one in a tank?
I thought these were a shoal fish? I thought lone Clowns pine away?

Stuart Halliday
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