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Re: [APD] CO2 bubbles surface area

         I have observed the same here, I would think that as a gas bubble
rises a *two way* gas exchange takes place with water. The CO2 will dissolve
and since the bubble is completely devoid of other atmospheric gasses that
are in the water.. the bubble fills up with O2 and probably other gasses
which do not dissolve rapidly like CO2 at it rises. By capturing these bubbles
and analyzing the gas we can find out if this assumption is true.

         Some years earlier when I was experimenting with diffusing I noticed
that there was always surplus gas in the diffuser tube which would never
dissolve even after a long time.


>That may be the answer to something I've noticed. I have set my internal
>filter to spray towards the CO2 ladder, so as the bubbles get smaller they
>don't have enough bouyancy to continue to climb the ladder against the force
>of the filter output. They aggregate until they can continue climbing, but
>they do not dissolve the way they do at first. You'd think with the
>increased water flow that they would, but they don't.
>  rs

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