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[APD] Micro bubbles

If memory serves me right(and I'm not going to study my old text books again, it hurt my brain the first time)  water has a set surface tension that lessens as the temp goes up. (thats why hot water cleans better.)  so has anyone taken into account the temps of all these experiments?  Also if surface tension stays the same at any size bubble I think if you look it up the smaller the bubble the stronger the surface in relation to size(Boy! could I be wrong here!).  Larger bubbles are easier to break up because of surface area but have the same tension.  So in order to further confuse the issue.  You need Temperature, Hardness, and lots of other water parameters to do any similar experiments(this leads me to wonder if this whole issue is personal? mind wandering?) or asking the eternal question "how many angel fish can dance on the head of a pin?".  I'm satisfied, my plants will grow better!....Jim
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