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Re: [APD] On the subject of snails....

Hello Rory,

If you are going to use a snail make sure it wont hurt your plants.  I had
ramshorns but was made to kill them by the local authorities.   If your from
New Zealand you may have issues with the authorities and snails.   I have
heard they are more strict than Australia.   Is this true?

I have 4 species of native snails here in my aquarium plant ponds
(Australia).   I did have Ramshorn and a pond snail from down south that
carries larval stage of Liver fluke.   The Fisheries Dept (NT) closed me
from selling plants until I killed the ramshorns and the pond snail.   I
would also like to get rid of all the other snails in my ponds because some
of the local native varieties eat plants.

If anyone has ideas apart from clown loach on how to rid vast areas of
snails via a method that wont kill plants or fish I would be most
appreciative.   We have tried copper, dichlorvos and chlorothalonil which
are all nasty treatments I did not like using.   The chlorothalonil
defoliated all the plants.

Some of the Australian snails from my ponds are pictured on the database at
http://db.angfa.org.au in the gallery/animals section.


On 9/11/05 5:59 AM, "Rory O'Brien" <rory_obrien at stonebow.otago.ac.nz> wrote:

> I have a completely snail-free tank at the moment but was considering
> introducing some red ramshorns, for no very good reason other than variety
> of fauna.
> But then I see others discussing introducing loaches and discussing other
> methods of ridding their tanks of snails or trying to keep snail numbers
> down.
> So should I instead be thankful that I have no snails and leave well enough
> alone? Or do snails, or at least ramshorn snails, have a place in a planted
> tank?
> Once introduced, will they just run rampant or can they be controlled at
> reasonable numbers? (Although my water is very soft and if I were to stop
> adding calcium, I suspect all snails would eventually dissappear anyway...)
> So I guess I'm asking, how many folks deliberately introduced snails and
> have regretted it ever since ;-)
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