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Re: [APD] On the subject of snails....

Rory wrote:

So I guess I'm asking, how many folks deliberately introduced snails and
have regretted it ever since ;-)

I've had MTSs in almost ever tank I've ever owned. I even sold many handfuls, with a friendly warning about "being careful what you ask for". The ones in the Tanganyikan cichlid tanks have strong, full shells while the ones in all my low hardness planted tanks have very poor shell development. One tank full of Julies kept the population down to almost none. Even during the middle of the night, you'd be hard-pressed to find any. Everywhere else, they've exploded.

My next move is to "rent" a few loaches from my LFS and keep them about a month or so, until they do the job. I'll catch them in the middle of the night and trade them back in, probably a lot fatter and happier. One trick that worked for me was to flip the lights on about 1 a.m. and siphon them from the tank walls, rocks, and wood. When the bucket gets nearly full of water, pour the water portion back in the tank and repeat. About a week of this puts a big dent in the population. Collecting MTSs by hand really sucks!

Jamie <"\\\><
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