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Re: [APD] Loaches and snails

>I have a four inch clown loach, but I also want to have some nice ramshorn
>or apple snails, something of that sort. Can the two coexist? Perhaps if I
>buy a fairly large snail it would be too much for the clown loach to chew
>down, as I've heard somewhere before. Is there some way to have both?

>I know, I know, it's not strictly plant related. The snail would help combat
>algea, which is interfering with my plants' well being. There.


As others have said, clown loaches will clear out a tank of snails.  I've wondered about large snails myself but have never tried it, I didn't want to observe the carnage I think would occur and the following guilt trip.  One weird thing though is I've never seen the Clown Loaches eating the snails... but they most certainly all get eaten.

Trumpet snails do manage to live with Clown Loaches.  I don't know if it's because of their shell or because they come out at night only (they bury themselves in the sand/gravel during the day), but you can get lots of those living with Clown Loaches.  Not sure how good they are with algae but they do stir up the gravel a bit and do garbage collecting, not much to look at though.

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