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[APD] On the subject of snails....

I have a completely snail-free tank at the moment but was considering
introducing some red ramshorns, for no very good reason other than variety
of fauna.

But then I see others discussing introducing loaches and discussing other
methods of ridding their tanks of snails or trying to keep snail numbers

So should I instead be thankful that I have no snails and leave well enough
alone? Or do snails, or at least ramshorn snails, have a place in a planted

Once introduced, will they just run rampant or can they be controlled at
reasonable numbers? (Although my water is very soft and if I were to stop
adding calcium, I suspect all snails would eventually dissappear anyway...)

So I guess I'm asking, how many folks deliberately introduced snails and
have regretted it ever since ;-) 
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