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Re: [APD] CO2 Experiment #2

Jerry Baker wrote:

>Stuart Halliday wrote:
>>Surely as they get smaller their surface area to volume ratio decreases?
>A 10mm bubble has a volume of 523.6mm^3, and a surface area of 314.15 
>mm^2 - a volume to surface area ratio of 1.667. A 5mm bubble has a 
>volume of 65.45mm^3 and a surface area of 78.54mm^2 - a volume to 
>surface area ratio of 0.833. So, in other words, as the bubble gets 
>smaller each cubic millimeter of gas is exposed to a greater surface 
>area of water.
No wonder those ~.5mm bubles I watch every now and again wink out so 
They area also less boyant, and get more exposure time.

- C

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