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Re: [APD] Icecap MH Ballasts and Iwasaki Bulbs

Jerry Baker wrote:
> I just recently acquired two Icecap 150W MH ballasts (which are really 
> Hatch electronic ballasts with a printed Icecap sticker stuck to the 
> side) and two matching Iwasaki bulbs. When I power them up, the bulb 
> emits a very high-pitched whine (like a camera flash charging) and 
> occasionally flickers. Does anyone know if I have done something wrong, 
> or do I need to send these to Icecap for "tuning"?

I just got off the phone with David Jones at Hatch Transformer (the 
manufacturer of Icecap's 150W MH ballasts). They will not run the 150W 
Iwasakis correctly, and he was not surprised that it made noise. Just a FYI.

Jerry Baker
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