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Re: [APD] CO2 Experiment #2

Stuart Halliday wrote:
> Surely the inverted tube will never fill up with water?
> As the CO2 dissolves the vacuum caused will pull O2 or other gases back out 
> into the tube?

It is true that the tube will not fill completely with water. The O2 and 
N2 will try to equalize with their partial pressures in the water. My 
intent was to overfill the tube and measure how long it took to reach a 
certain point.

> Won't the strong current also cause CO2 to be dissipated at the top water 
> level of the tank?

The current will be severely limited so that it is only "strong" right 
at the mouth of the test tube. It shouldn't even cause a ripple at the 
water surface.

> Suction caps as used for holding a air line between the edges of the tank 
> with strong thread between them?

That will probably work. Duh on me for not thinking of that.

Jerry Baker
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