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Re: [APD] loaches and snails

Terry Barber wrote:
> I keep loaches in one tank ( 2 yoyo, 1 striated, 1 skunk).  There is no
> snail alive in there and I use the tank as a snail disposal when I have too
> many snails in another tank.   They don't last long.  I have small ramshorn
> snails.   My guess is that it will not work out for you.

I've got 2 pygmy chain loaches in the belief that they would keep my 
ramshorn population down. They don't touch the snails. Worse luck.

I've a 4' 200L planted tank and its pretty close to capacity as far as fish 
go. So whilst I'd love to get get a couple of Clowns loaches I feel they 
would grow too big for the tank.

Any suggestions for a small snail killer?

Stuart Halliday
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