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Re: [APD] AH Supply Enclosures (S K)

Hi Sylvia,

I have some of the AH Supply enclosures on my 75 gallon tank at home. 
I have mine raised on narrow wood strips to increase ventilation so I 
will have to go home and look to see if the enclosures are long 
enough to rest on the ends of the tank or not.  I really like the 
looks of their enclosures and Kim is great to deal with.  The 
enclosures run fairly cool when slightly raised.  i can not say what 
they are like resting directly on the glass.


>canopy with no glass between the water and hood. I'm guessing the enclosure
>that AH Supply sells is made to rest on glass, thus the small measurement
>differences from tank to tank wouldn't be a problem. I was hoping to get
>some input from people who might have purchased these--they do look nice,
>and would eliminate the woodwork but sounds like it won't work.
>Thanks for your input :-)
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