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[APD] New notes on CO2 misting methods

OK, I am chiming in on this really late but I am trying to catch up.  As  I
understand it, Tom was suggesting putting a venturi, fed with CO2, in the
outflow line of a canister filter so the bubbles exit the spray bar yet
everything is outside the tank.  Is the spray bar horizontal on the bottom
shooting out into the tank?  I thought it was vertical shooting across the
back wall.  Am I mixing methods?   

Scott posted that an in-line venturi could present an issue with Eheims due
to back-pressure.  As luck would have it, I use a Pro Series Eheim.  The
venturi seems like a much better idea than several diffusers from a
maintenance standpoint (I have a 92 gallon corner so one diffuser wouldn't
do it, maybe one venturi wouldn't, I am not sure)  Would getting a different
brand canister filter with nothing in it yet a high output make sense in
this scenario?  You could have the "real" filter spray bar blowing away from
one side of the filter input and the "venturi" filter spraying away on the
opposite side of the "real" filter input.  Everything would shoot away from
the filter input.  I have a corner tank so I realize the configuration would
be somewhat different and I have circulation issues anyway because of my
tank dimensions.

According to the site with the Kent venturi, a medium to large power head
can drive one of these venturis.  If it would hurt an Eheim, wouldn't it
burn a medium power head up?

FWIW, previously, I attempted to replace my CO2 reactor in-tank power head
with an external pump.  Due to noise and people subsequently refusing to
speak to me, I had to go back to an internal (and large) power head to drive
my Aquamedic reactor.  I love the idea of less "stuff" in my tank.

Am I missing the point on this and if not, any suggestions for a canister
that is powerful enough the venturi wouldn't hurt it?  I cannot use a HOB
filter, my stand/hood is one giant piece of furniture and I only have a few
inches clearance between the back of the tank and the stand.  It has to
mount in the hood (my reactor is here) or under the stand.

This sounds like an awesome idea, just not totally clear on it.



Then Scott H posted:

The Kent venturis are designed for a very high flow rate and reasonably good
water pressure -- the kind of thing you can get with some of the larger sump
pumps but I wouldn't expect it to work well with, e.g., Ehiems, where the
constriction of the venturi will present substanial "head" to the pump. 

Tom posted:
I've tried a new method for CO2 in the mist. No diffuser/Reactor at all.
Fits on to the outflow of the canister filter outside the tank, cheaper than
diffusers, maybe the same cost as very cheap diffuser/DIY reactor. Use a
spray bar along the back lower side the entire length of the tank(or close).
Add a Kent Marine venturi(or other brand etc) to the outflow from the
canister. Add CO2 to this line in put.
<http://www.aquariumpros.com/p-KEN12VENT,SKac.html> This produces a very
fine mist along the entire back wall and can be directed through the plants
very evenly for any sized tank. Other types of venturis are available(some
cost a fair amount for better results such as the Mazzei).
<http://www.ultralifedirect.com/protein_skimmers.htm> It is key to use very
good venturis or the larger bubble size will influence the results. But the
trade off is more pump pressure and flow drop(always some trade off). These
venturis can be mounted outside AFTER the canister filter(which solves
several issues for many). It does reduce flow rates, but nothing is inside
the tank. 

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