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[APD] Free/Trade, (pickup?) Northern Colorado

I've recently re-done a few aquariums, and would
like to give away (free or trade) for something new:

* two (7") dojo loaches (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus)
(These are apparently tastey, and I'm thinking it

* quite a lot of Java Moss (Vesicularia spp.)

* quite a lot of Vallisneria americana (gigantea)
(can pack half a 55g)

* a bit of Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus)

I know these are somewhat "common" plants, but
hey, it's what I have right now.  ;-)

I've shipped in the past, but would prefer a
pickup (I'm in Fort Collins, CO, USA) or I could
drive a bit (Denver, Cheyenne WY, etc.)  Or, if
somebody *really* wants the fish, or *really*
wants me to ship, I guess I could.

The new setup puts a 55g right in front of a
window, with full sunlight a few hours a day.
(But, low-tech, no CO2).  I'm looking for a
high-light foreground plant (like Glossostigma spp.)
and generally anything else for trade (like any
of the "rosette" plants, or heck, I'd take anything.)

Fort Collins, CO USA

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