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Re: [APD] Dirt Cheap Flourite

Greg Fiske wrote:
> Thanks for the tip Rex.  Picked up 4 bags of flourite from my local petsmart's today.  The manager at the second one went "wow" when he saw the price of the pet solutions printout.  Petsmart sells flourite for $25 compared to the $9 at pet solutions.
> Greg

I just called PetSmart where they had 2 bags in stock (unfortunately 
50mi away).  They're going to special order 6 bags of this for me _and_ 
do the price matching.  This is a great deal, only it'll take 2-3 weeks 
for the stock to come in, they said (sometimes faster).  You can't beat 
a deal like this!  Now I'm just scouring for the best price I can 
possibly find anywhere.  I don't know, this feels kind of underhanded, 
but, they said they do price matching!

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