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Re: [APD] massachusetts laws

Eli Moss wrote:
> As for the hard-to-find places, the best around here is Exotic Fish and Pet
> World. They're in the Barn shops (I think they're called)
> in a strip mall kinda thing across from the saturn dealership near the RMV
> in south hadley. 

Awesome!  Can't believe there's one right there.  I bought my car at 
that Saturn dealership, lol...

> A less helpful but still handy spot is Dave's Soda and Pet Food city 
Knew about that one ;-)

> I don't know how comprehensible my directions are; I've only been driving
> for about a year, and still think of addresses almost entirely in terms of
> landmarks. I can't believe you've been going all the way out to the holyoke
> mall for pet supplies!

Don't worry about the directions.  I've found more people from MA 
actually direct in terms of landmarks and highways than anything else. 
 From S.Hadley the Holyoke mall isn't that far, in fact about the same 
there to Rt. 9.  Thanks for the tips!
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