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Re: [APD] massachusetts laws

Massachusetts does have a problem with invasive aquatics. While I 
haven't been there, I'm told by reliable sources there are lakes with 
hygro over near Gardner, MA. Karen Randall has told me of a person near 
her that had an echinodorus sp. over-winter in their backyard pond. 
I've seen riccia, java moss and other things like duckweed, salvinia 
and azolla over-winter here on the lower fringes of Zone 5A (some years 
a 4B) in S. NH.

Non-native species are a problem. So are super-restrictive laws, and NH 
is one such example. While they specifically point to certain species 
in the law, the law was originally written in such a way that it 
included just about any plant that is vascular in nature. As far as I 
know the wording has not been changed.

IMO, the money and effort would be better spent stamping out 
terrestrial pests such as Purple Loosestrife, Burning Bushes, and 
others that can practically swallow acres overnight.


On Nov 5, 2005, at 8:00 PM, syl2005 at verizon_net wrote:
> Don't know why Massachusettes has a problem, not
> likely given the climate, that they would have the same problem as
> California, but be careful shipping. Just thought I'd add that.

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