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Re: [APD] DIY CO2 recipe for 20 gal tank?

The doubling rate for yeast under good conditions is about
2 hours or less. So it doesn't matter much how much yeast
you start with; you'll reach the maximum population that
the container can support by about, oh, overnight. The
first few hours small increases in number but it starts to
skyrocket before long. If you start with just 2,000 of
those microscopic cells, you'll have over 2 billion in less
than a day unless conditions limit the population size,
which, thank goodness, they do, 

--- Kelleen Harris <kelleen_harris at csumb_edu> wrote:

> Thanks everyone who replied to help me with my CO2
> questions! I really appreciate it. 
> . . .
> Nick is using half the amount of yeast and a little more
> sugar for his 20 gal.
> Vaughn is using about the same amount of yeast but twice
> as much sugar for a tank that is 6 x bigger. . .

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