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Re: [APD] timer

Ron Schulz wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I'd like to also reccomend the Intermatic DT17C..   It can handle 15A 
> and I have all my lights on one timer. Never have had a problem in 3 
> years. They run about $20-$25 at Home Depot.  I also woud never use a 
> analog mechanical timer again.

I don't know where to get them other than in California, but we have an 
electronics store called Fry's Electronics. I have seen some pretty 
sophisticated timers there. There was one that let you program in the 
location in degrees latitude and it would adjust the on/off period every 
day so that the lights come on at the same time relative to the 
sunrise/sunset at that latitude. So, if you have fish and plants from 
Central America you could program it for 13 degrees north latitude and 
set it for today's sunrise/sunset times. Your lights would then track 
the sunrise/sunset times that occur in Honduras.

Next time I'm at Fry's I'll get a make and model number.

Jerry Baker
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