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Re: [APD] I was wrong about a few things (Jerry Baker)

Daniel Larsson wrote:
> Actually no. All you need to do is make the suction side of the
> pump smaller than the outflow. Cavitation will form microbubbles.

My apologies for not being more specific. If you have a container (such 
as a CO2 reactor), and you just place it in the water with some water 
flow through the container, gas is never going to build up in that 
reactor. Even placing a small amount of air into the reactor is not 
going to cause a buildup. Remember that a gas will only diffuse when the 
partial pressure in the water is greater that that in the air. If you 
just pump a large bubble of air into a reactor the partial pressure of 
O2 will quickly reach equilibrium and nothing further will happen. The 
reason it continues to buildup when bubbling CO2 is that each new bubble 
of CO2 has a zero partial pressure for O2. When the O2 in the water 
meets that bubble, the pressure differential is great so it will 
immediately diffuse into the bubble. So each new CO2 bubble picks up 
some O2 on it's way up.

Jerry Baker
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