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Re: [APD] Timers

I don't have a replacement but I'll offer a recommendation.

After using both analogue mechanical and digital electronic
timers, I would never go back to analogue mechanical

A company called Intermatic makes a number of different
models of digital timers. One of them is the DT17C, which
can often be gotten from Home Depot and similar stores.

I've used more than a handful of these for years without a
single bit of trouble of any kind. They can handle a
reasonable amount of current. They keep the time even if
the power goes out because they have battery back-up.
Unlike some digital timers, this one illuminates the
display even when unplugged, which makes setting the time
and programing more convenient. You can switch to/from
Daylight Savings at the press of a button -- I appreciate
that feature twice a year. And it incorporates a ground
wire, which one needs for many fluorescent lighting

It's not multi-outlet but you can plug a power strip into

While the DT17C probably offers more features and cycles
than most need for aquatic gardening, Intermatic also makes
some other less expensive models such as the DT121C which
has the minimal 2 on/off programs per day and does not
incorporate a ground wire.

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.
--- Aaron Steiner <steinish at adelphia_net> wrote:

> I have a couple of the Power Center multi-timers that I
> got from Dr  
> Foster's:
> http://www.drsfostersmith.com/Product/Prod_Display.cfm? 
> pcatid=11379&ref=3532&subref=AR&N=2004+113782
> but the problem is they don't have a very long life. The
> timer  
> usually wears out in less than a year.
> Does any one know if a similar product but with a digital
> timer?  Or  
> even just a different brand to choose from.

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