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Re: [APD] I was wrong about a few things

Thomas Barr wrote:
> Running one in a tank with CO2 added and another in the same
> tank without any gas added will show if the reactor can degas
> from the water alone. Both have the venturi attached.
> So far no gas has accumulated in the experimental(No CO2 added),
> but the CO2 addition control is starting to spit mist. I'll run
> this a few times. 

There's no need to run it several times because the likely result is 
already known. No gas will ever build up in the one without CO2 
injection. For a gas to diffuse out of solution it needs an air to water 
interface. If you run a reactor with no air being injected, there is no 
air-water interface for gases to diffuse.

Jerry Baker
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