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Re: [APD] I was wrong about a few things

> I think Tom would be the first to say that he may have come to
> the wrong
> conclusions in the past.  Mature people do so.

> Laith

Oh I've been wrong about many things, so have the rest of folks.

We all have. 

The point I try to be aware of is not giving up on the issue and
keep looking at it, many different ways and try to understand
what occurs in each case and see if we can make some general
conclusions. I thought algae was repressed by high DO levels. I
proved myself wrong.I thought O2 accumulated in reactors, I'll
be able to answer it next week when I run the gas samples
through the GC. 

We may learn a great deal in addressing the CO2 issue(which is
one of the more thorny issues and the one that causes more algae
issues than any other), reactor's varying in their efficiency is
one thing no one mentioned yet(and that is just one example).

Few folks have actually tried the misting, those that have
reported large increases in pearling and growth rates.

That observation and idea will help the hobby, no matter what
you might think about the rest. Questioning and re evaluating
the prevailing notions even if you believe them is not a bad
We learn by making mistakes and learning from those mistakes.
It's not personal but some sure take it that way.

How can gas accumulate in the venturi internal reactors?
There is no way for them to degas(no bioballs, no back pump
pressure etc).

They only cost 2-3$ to make. 

Running one in a tank with CO2 added and another in the same
tank without any gas added will show if the reactor can degas
from the water alone. Both have the venturi attached.

So far no gas has accumulated in the experimental(No CO2 added),
but the CO2 addition control is starting to spit mist. I'll run
this a few times. 
Tom Barr


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