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Re: [APD] CO2 Mist research Proposal #1

urville wrote:
>  the issue i see is that its "possibly" more than  3 seconds from the 
> bottom of the trash can to the top.

It doesn't matter how long it takes, it's going to be the same for both 

> how do you intend to test these factors and yet not change results by 
> the removal of .... well i assume you'll use a top.

A top is not needed. You just capture the bubbles underwater.

> i mean ambient co2 and what not. i cant remember if co2 is heavier than 
> air or not but be sure you compensate for other gases since in an 
> enclosed enviroment they may not mix but take their weight positions.

The atmosphere is not going to have any effect underwater.

> so you'll go 15 seconds in the beginning and test the gas collected up 
> top i hope through a port of some kind.

No port needed. Just use an inverted test tube underwater.

> and then you'll let it build to 30mg/l isnt that same as ppm? anyway, 
> and you'll go another 15 and test the collected gas?

I'm not measuring what is in the captured gas at this point. I'm 
measuring how much gas makes it to the top to be captured. If CO2 
dissolves more slowly at 30 mg/L, then more gas will make it to the top.

Jerry Baker
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