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[APD] How about Ohio?

While we're on the topic of aquarium stores. . . . I just moved out to 
Dayton, Ohio, and thus far have found two aquarium stores (other than 
Petdumbs).   One is a chain store that sticks a plant or two every now and 
then ... at usually rather high prices.  The other is set up like a 
wholesaler, tanks are not even marked for price (I've come to wonder if they 
don't quote different people different prices, or simply make them up off 
the top of their heads).  They have no plants at all to speak of. . . .

Anyone want to (offlist, if you want) recommend a good aquarium store with 
plants in the Dayton/Fairborn area?

Joshua L. Wiegert
Native Fish Conservancy Lists Administrator                    JLW at dune_net
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