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Re: [APD] massachusetts laws

Eli Moss wrote:
> As far as I know, it's only illegal to buy them. I don't know if this
> extends to online purchases, but I would much rather avoid the exorbitant
> shipping charges. Heh, as for the aquarist option--I'm atypical in that I'm
> a teenager in a hobby dominated by adults, and so I know very, very few
> people who would be in a position to help. The closest any of my friends
> come is a goldfish bowl in the kitchen. Incidentally, does anybody live near
> the Amherst, MA area who has a few cuttings they don't need?

Looks like you can still legally buy it until January 1, 2006. See 
It also will be illegal to trade them after that date.

The list is a proposed list, but the State of Massachusetts does not 
indicate whether the proposed list was adopted or not. I looked in the 
Massachusetts code of regulations, but I didn't see it. I am not 
familiar with the peculiarities of researching Massachusetts law, so I 
cannot be of further assistance. Ask me about California and I can tell 
you right away.

Jerry Baker
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