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Re: [APD] massachusetts laws

Holy moly!  I live in South Hadley and am in Amherst very often because 
I'm a (non-traditional) student at UMass ;-)  I don't have any of what 
you need now, but I'll keep it in mind when I might...
Incidentally, do you know of any good, hard-to-find lhs places around 
here?  The only one I've found is Petco, and the other was rather skimpy 
  on anything aquarium related.


Eli Moss wrote:
> As far as I know, it's only illegal to buy them. I don't know if this
> extends to online purchases, but I would much rather avoid the exorbitant
> shipping charges. Heh, as for the aquarist option--I'm atypical in that I'm
> a teenager in a hobby dominated by adults, and so I know very, very few
> people who would be in a position to help. The closest any of my friends
> come is a goldfish bowl in the kitchen. Incidentally, does anybody live near
> the Amherst, MA area who has a few cuttings they don't need?

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