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Re: [APD] DIY CO2 recipe for 20 gal tank?

Kelleen Harris wrote:
> Anyway, he guessed at a smaller recipe and it apparently wasn't small enough, because a couple of his fish died so he discontinued the CO2. He said the fish got white lips. Are white lips then the first sign you are overdosing (other than of course
> the pH and dkH using the CO2 chart, which I'm not sure I completely trust)? Is there some formula so that one could approximate the correct recipe for any size tank, without just chancing it?

Two things:

(1)I have a CO2 calculator that solves for any unknown at 
http://www.bakerweb.biz/fish/co2calculator.html in case you need to 
figure things backwards.

(2) I think it would be easier just to alter the CO2 setup rather than 
trying to arrive at a perfect recipe. Just adjust the location of the 
CO2 output to increase/decrease the efficiency until you get the level 
you want.

Jerry Baker
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