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Re: [APD] CO2 Mist research Proposal #1

Daniel Larsson wrote:
> I think that would be more like:
>  "Will CO2 dissolve more slowly into water with 30 mg/L of CO2 *and
> oversaturaded with 100-200% oxygen* than it will into water that is in
> equilibrium with the atmosphere?"
> The initial context was misting a fully pearling planted tank (that
> has
> extreme O2-levels) where CO2 became more difficult to dissolve
> later in the day when the O2-levels have risen well over saturation
> levels.

I realize that part of the question involves what effect, if any, O2 
concentration has on the content of the bubbles. I want to be very 
systematic and precise here, so I don't want to muddle anything with 
multiple goals and questions. I want this first experiment to address 
whether there is a measurable difference in CO2 diffusion rates between 
equilibrium and 30 mg/L and nothing else. This way there are no 
variables except for the concentration of CO2 in the water. I know it 
seems kind of retarded to do it this way, but it is helpful in the end. 
With experiments that only test one variable at a time, no one can later 
say, "the results aren't conclusive because xyz could have influenced 
the result."

I am still in the "thinking" process for an experiment to see what 
happens when you bubble CO2 into water that has been essentially 
degassed. Oxygen is fairly easy to remove, but I'm not sure about 
nitrogen. It would be interesting to conduct that experiment at 0 mg/L 
oxygen, and then at saturation, to see what effect that had on CO2 
bubbles and their content. I just haven't fully thought through the best 
way to do it.

Jerry Baker
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