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Re: [APD] Science (Dave Gomberg)

> It was with great interest I have read recently about the controversy
> over teaching of evolution and Darwin's conclusions in Kansas.  As a
> grandparent of four, I have been concerned about my grandkids ability
> to compete in an ever better-educated world.  Fortunately, many
> Kansans have rushed to my rescue and volunteered to make their kids
> more ignorant so mine will be more competitive.   I wish to thank
> them for their generosity in moving their kids aside so more senior
> jobs will be available for my grandchildren.  To those who oppose
> teaching evolution in Kansas, good luck and many thanks.
> Dave Gomberg, a Californian

Dear Mr Gomberg

I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your letter. I've been
following the whole I.D. thing and it seems to have hit the States pretty
hard. Behe is quite the entertainer to say the least! Its nice to know that
you and your kids are on the right side of the fence. Luckily here in SA
I.D. has not reared its ugly head.
Kindest regards

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