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Re: [APD] Science

> Message: 4
> Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 08:08:11 -0800
> From: Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz>
> Subject: Re: [APD] Science
> To: aquatic plants digest <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>

> I genuinely feel bad for you that your emotions are so closely tied to
> the means with which you acquire knowledge.

Oh for Gods sake, you're such a Drama queen. Don't project your crap onto
me, it makes me feel dirty!

>I too have a short temper,
> but not so much in conversation.

Short temper????? I am an artist by profession and I am PASSIONATE, there's
a world of difference there Jerry, or should I paint you a picture? Oh but
you would'nt understand that either would you, you'd want to know *how* I
painted the picture, right?


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