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Re: [APD] Science

I did some reading and found an interesting tidbit that may add to the

The diffusion of gas from  the bubble into a region of liquid surrounding
the bubble is very fast.

The further diffusion of gas into the bulk liquid (from the high
concentration liquid surrounding the bubble) is slower - a rate limiting
step in the whole process.

So - if bubbles are near plants they will have regions of water about that
are much more concentrated in CO2 than the liquid as a whole.  Perhaps these
very saturated regions near the leaves which leads to happy plants.

TerryB<<<<<ducking back into my hole>>>>>

>Thats what I figure is probably doing it. having so much gas passing by is
allowing the >plant to take it up as if it were emerged, or at least closer
to it. but i could be wrong. i >think i read that plants get considerably
less concentratrion of co2 in the surrounding >air outside than we put into
the water and I have plants in the gardent hat make my >

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