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Re: [APD] CO2 Mist research Proposal #1

urville wrote:
> first to prove if its co2 anymore "after a few seconds"
>  make a tank. seal it and have it 100% no gas full. and then bubble in pure co2 for a set time. and then test the concentration of the gas that collects at the top. it would need to be a deep tank with the co2 output along the bottom to give the gas the seconds it needs to reach the top. you could put a conveinent hose port on top to test with. then you'll know for sure. it seems simple enough. i suppose you'd need to have a cycle to allow it to build and let exsisting gas of whatever type in the output hose dissapate first. if you find heavy co2 then hey it didnt dissolve in seconds.

That's #2, but right now I am addressing #1 (the effect of CO2 
concentration on diffusion rate).

Jerry Baker
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