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Re: [APD] AF

Stuart Halliday wrote:
> Must be something about American houses that means a small Aquarium is anything from 4 feet in 
> length! ;-)

I think it's just the shrinking TV effect. You buy a 32" inch TV and 
it's big, but a year later it's very small. It's amazing how much 
smaller it has become in that time. Of course, then it is necessary to 
replace it with a TV at least as large as the original was when you 
first got it.

I can relate. I had a 48" 75G a couple years ago, and now that's small. 
I got a 72" now and it isn't even finished being set up and I wished I 
had gone with a 96" one. :D I live in a very small apartment too, but 
other things get moved for the tank.

Jerry Baker
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