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Re: [APD] Science

Wait a minute!  We've had to endure several days of acrimonious e-mails 
because you couldn't figure out how to replicate Tom's experiment?  This 
is something you could (should) have asked Tom off-line.

I can understand if someone has tried (unsuccessfully) to replicate Mr. 
Barr's experiments and after failing to obtain similar results, to seek 
additional information on the list, explaining what was attempted and 
the results; but the e-mails the last few days crossed the line: 
accusations of providing insufficient information to replicate the 
experiment and later admitting that no attempt has been made to 
replicate the experiment is unfair to both Mr. Barr and to the 
subscribers of this list.  This list should NOT become an electronic 
version of 20 questions, nor is it fair for Tom or anyone else to be 
expected to provide detailed answers to vague questions (well designed 
experiment) and then be accused of intentionally providing insufficient 
information when the answers aren't sufficiently detailed for the 

If you want detailed answers, then ask detailed questions.  If you want 
to know about the tank used, ask about tank size and geometry (standard 
vs. custom, etc.); substrate, ask if quartz sand, Eco-Complete, 
Oxy-Sand, Turface, etc.; lighting, ask about wattage, hours, 
CF/VHO/daylight...  If you don't ask about the water parameters, don't 
complain that the KH, dH, pH, and temperature were intentionally omitted.

Jerry Leong

Jerry Baker wrote:
> Terry S. wrote:
>>So,,,rather then argue that Tom's theory can't be right, how about employing
>>the scientific method yourself?  Replicate his experiments, sample the gas,
>>and have it tested.  I'm sure everyone would be interested in the
>>experimental results, and it's even on-topic :-)
> I'm want to replicate, but I don't know what I'm replicating. I don't 
> know what the conditions of the control tank were, nor of the 
> experimental tank for that matter. The *only* thing I know is that I 
> should put some source of small bubbles directly in front of a strong 
> water current.
> I will make a detailed proposal for testing to submit to the group so 
> that there can be agreement ahead of time. I know it's tedious, but if I 
> go through all the trouble of conducting a well-designed experiment, I 
> want as much feedback as possible, and I want it to satisfy the most 
> people possible.

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