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Re: [APD] Vacation

Hi Adam:

>>I will be leaving on vacation for 5 days and want to know what is the 
>>best approach to maintaining my planted tank.

I am routinely gone for 5 days several times a month And 
usually gone for about 3-5 weeks once a year.

Your planted aquarium will be fine.

I usually back the lighting off to essentially nothing.
Your pH monitor will keep your CO2 in check as long as 
your tank doesn't empty while you are gone.

I personally do major water changes for three days before 
I leave dosing heavily right after each water change.  I 
do a lot of extra pruning to remove excess plant matter.
I also do a lot of "fluffing" right before each of these 
water changes to remove as much organic and inorganic 
loose debris as possible.

I dose to the maxium target levels and walk out the door ... 
Your plants will be fine this way for 5 days.

When I get back, I do a lot of fluffing and then a major 
water change and dose daily for the next three days ...

The only times I've come back to a sad tank is when the
CO2 tank ran out while I was gone ...


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