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Re: [APD] CO2 Mist

I have to confess that I somehow missed the Introduction to CO2 Mist
posting and I am don't feel like paying Tom Barr for the details. Could
someone respond to a question if they meet the following conditions:

1) They still have a copy of my "Planted Aquarium Tour" video that I sent
out free-of-charge to all interested members of the AGA in the 1990


2) They still have a copy of my "Planted Aquarium Tour" video that I sold
for a nominal fee (which is no longer available so please don't ask),


3) They know about the particulars of CO2 Mist.

Question: Could you determine if the close-ups of the 85 gallon, manually
CO2 injected, undergravel filtered tank in the video (with the
Rainbowfish) demonstrates the CO2 Mist phenomenum?

The tank was particularly effervescent, which I attributed mostly to O2
pearling.  But thinking back, it could have been that AND undissolved CO2
coming from the return of the Eheim filter "reactor". Is that what CO2
Mist is all about?


George B.

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